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In today’s world, everyone is so busy that he or she cannot find time to meet with each other, but technological advances have overcome this difficulty, and you can now talk with each other so near that the only thing that separates you is the sensation of touch. Telegram video downloader allows you to simply communicate messages to your loved one. As just a nutshell, Telegram is a very popular and reliable social platform that offers its users free services. It is a fast and secure texting application. Also, have features for sharing videos easily.

Telegram is a multi-platform messaging app that allows its users to text each other privately. So the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not that is safe to utilize. It protects our privacy, thus this application is completely safe and simple to use. Another benefit of this app is that it allows users to share videos with friends and download telegram video.

How to download video from telegram

copy telegram video link video link
paste video link in telegram Video Downloader
click to Download telegram Video

How to save telegram video on mobile

You can easily download Telegram videos on iPhone and iOS with Telegram video downloader for Android. Here’s the lowdown on how to save those gems right onto your mobile:

Step 1: Find Your Target

Spot a video that’s worth saving. It’s like spotting a shiny coin in a sea of pennies.

Step 2: Tap Away

Tap on the video like you’re giving it a virtual high-five. Open sesame!

Step 3: Unveil the Secrets

See those three dots? Give ‘me a gentle tap. A menu will pop up, like a secret hideout opening its doors.

Step 4: Cast Your Spell

Look for “Save to Gallery” or something like that. Give it a tap, and you’re practically waving a wand.

Step 5: Magic Unleashed

Watch as the video gets saved to your gallery. It’s like teleporting it to your personal treasure chest.

Step 6: Victory Dance

You did it! Now you’ve got that hilarious video saved, ready to be replayed whenever you want. Cue the victory dance!

So I will share a step with all telegram users so that you may simply download videos from telegram, whether you want to save telegram video on Android or pc in both cases you follow these steps. Saving videos from Telegram is like being a hero in your own adventure. Your mobile is now a treasure trove of entertainment!

Telegram video downloader for PC

To Download Telegram videos on PC, laptop, Mac, and iOS follow the same steps. If you have the Telegram app on your computer, go to the search bar menu and search Telegram by double-clicking and then open Telegram.

  • Open your Telegram app and then the video you want to download telegram videos online.
  • Next, tap the Telegram share icon and copy the video Link.
  • Now, open a new tab in Chrome and type a Telegram video downloader Chrome.
  • Search engines provide you with several options, so you must choose one of them and then open the link and paste it.
  • After agreeing to their terms and policies and selecting the format in which you want to save the video, click the download button below and begin downloading.

Telegram downloader is an online application; when a user wants to use it,  he or she is required to copy a link and download videos online. While it does not need users to be in the program while downloading, you may browse other applications.

Steps to save telegram video

Install telegram app

To use the social platform, you must first install the Telegram app and then create an account.

Copy the telegram video link

When you see several videos on Telegram and choose which one you want to download, open that video and then hit the Telegram share icon where you will find a copy the link option, so touch this and copy the link.  Copy the desired video link from here.

Search Teledownloader

Now, open a new tab in Chrome and type telegram video downloader online. A lot of apps will show, such as Telegram private video downloader, and Telegram bot video downloader. So just you simply click one of them and then in a new tab the clicked link will show here you can see different features and also paste the box where you have to paste the link of the video in the very next step.

Paste the chosen link to the video

Now open the video downloader for Telegram, and there will be a window where you can enter the link that you copied from the Telegram video.

Start downloading the Telegram video

Now, after selecting the quality of the video you want to download from the telegram link, press the DOWNLOAD button below and then start downloading, so within a few seconds you may be able to see the video download from telegram will appear in your gallery so that you can easily download video from telegram to gallery and share with your friends and save in your files.


  • Everyone may use our Teledownloader for free.
  • You do not need to register or sign up to use it, and you may download our content without any advertisements.
  • Download various Talks Videos in HD quality for free;
  • There will be no watermark on the video once downloaded.
  • You can easily attach more than one file at a time without any third-party applications telegram video link downloader is so reliable that it can manage different categories like video, gifs, and images at a time, and in a specific for each type.
  • This telegram video downloader app is applicable on all types of devices, you may use it on your PC, mobile phone, or iPhone easily.


Telegram is a popular social platform that offers its users free services. It was developed in 2013 by two Russian brothers. It is safe and easy to use. It enables users to share videos with their friends as well as download telegram videos with links. It also has a limitless data infrastructure that allows users to upload any media file. The free Telegram video downloader allows users to download videos directly from the chat service to their phones. To download Telegram images in HD quality visit our Telegram Image Downloader.


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