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Likee is a popular social networking site where users can make and share video clips with various effects, filters, and music. The default Likee app, on the other hand, adds a watermark to the downloaded videos, which may not be desired in some situations. To solve this, many ways and software that allow viewers to download video likee without watermarks have arisen. The following piece will go at these approaches and take you through the process of likee video download without watermark with the help of likee video downloader

How to download likee video

Here’s a step-by-step instruction to help you likee download video to your device for offline viewing or sharing:

copy likee video link video link
paste video link in likee Video Downloader
click to Download likee Video

Look for a likee downloader mp4, such as likee video downloader online, or Likee Video Downloader. Run a web browser and type in Teledownloader.” Select an established online video downloader website, or Keep Save It. Copy the Likee video URL and paste it into the website’s given form. Choose your desired video format and click the “Download” option. Follow the on-screen instructions to save the video to your device.

Step-by-Step Instructions to save video likee

Step 1: Choose the Likee Video.

Open the Likee app on your smartphone or go to the Likee website on your PC, mobile and laptop. Browse the videos or use the search option to look for the video you want to download.

Step 2: Make a list of the video URL

  • Copy the URL of the Likee video you want to download once you’ve discovered it. The “Share” option is normally found underneath the video on the Likee app.
  • Select “Copy Link” from the menu that displays. Right-click on the Likee website video and select the “Copy video address” option.

Step3: Select a Download Method and download the video

There are several techniques for downloading Likee videos without watermarks. Here are some popular choices:

Step 4: Download the Video

  • Once the download is complete, the Likee video will be saved on your device without any watermarks.
  • The video is now accessible via your device’s gallery or the location where it was saved.

How to download likee video on android

To save likee videos smartphone, use the following methods and instructions you provided:

Find Your Likee Treasure

Find the Likee video that captured your attention before you start downloading. You can search hashtags, which explore user profiles, or scroll through your Likee feed until you find someone who deserves to be included in your collection.

Tap the Share Button

Click the “Share” button after selecting your preferred video. Usually, it’s the tiny arrow icon, similar to the one that Cupid employs to aim his arrows of love.

Select the ‘Copy Link’ Option

A list of sharing choices will now appear. One of them is “Copy Link.” Tap on that if you want to. It is comparable to copying a hidden treasure map.

Open Your Browser

Time to open your internet browser. Search for a likee saver “in the browser’s search bar. Any browser will do; we’re not picky. Paste the copied link into the browser’s address bar and hit “Go” or “Enter.” Investigate the search results and select a trustworthy online video downloader website that allows Likee video download.

Download Your Video

On this website, your Likee video is displayed in all its glory. Below it, you’ll find a magical “Download” button. Tap it! And just like that, your Likee video will go to your Android device. It’s like receiving a digital gift from the internet.

Enjoy Your Downloaded Likee Video

It’s time to truly appreciate your Likee video now that you’ve downloaded it successfully. On your Android smartphone, you may now watch the downloaded Likee video without any watermarks. Add it to your collection of interesting treasures, view it whenever you want, or share it with others.

There you have it, everyone! A few easy actions were required to download a Likee video, and now you can be a happy owner of it. A happy viewing!

How to download likee video on pc

There are various ways to likee download for pc without watermarks. The procedure is provided below:

Open your browser:

On your computer, enter the web browser.

Log in to Likee account:

Log in to your account via the Likee website ( You can create an account if you don’t already have one.

Select the video:

To download a video, choose it. You may peruse the stream, look for individual people, or view popular videos.

Copy video URL:

Copy the URL of the video you want to download from the browser’s address bar once you’ve located it.

Search for downloader:

Search for “Likee video downloader” in a new tab or window of your web browser, or go to a reputable video downloading website.


Various tools are available on Likee video downloader programs and websites to improve the downloading process. Here are some typical features you may anticipate from a likee video download status, however, precise functionality may vary depending on the platform you select:

Download Likee Videos chrome:

You may download Likee videos directly to your device with likee video downloader ios. To suit your tastes, you may store videos in several formats, such as MP4.

High-Quality Downloads:

Likee video downloaders frequently provide the choice to download videos at different quality levels.

Support for Multiple Devices:

No matter what kind of tools you use Android, iOS or desktop our Likee Video Downloader has got you covered. It’s like having an open-minded companion who will join you on any adventure.

No Ads, No Troubles:

We all know how irritating advertising can be. Our downloader is therefore ad-free, guaranteeing an effortless and continuous downloading experience. It’s like taking a quiet walk in a park without being bothered by salespeople.


Finally is that there are several ways to download Likee video without watermarks, including web resources and specialized downloading software. You may download videos from Likee in a variety of formats, including MP4, to your device by copying the video URL and using a trustworthy likee videos download free. It is advised to download and view Likee video without watermark from reliable and current sources.

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