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Pinterest video downloaders are tools for downloading videos from Pinterest. Pinterest customers aren’t allowed to download any video from Pinterest immediately to their gallery. So, for this problem. Several tools are available online for downloading videos and images from Pinterest. As a result, those apps permit human beings to, without delay, percentage tales and videos. So that if a person no longer has a web connection, they will download the video and keep it in their gallery to look at later. You do not want to download a video downloader device to download Pinterest videos. Open Chrome and type Pinterest video saver, and a type of gear will show; click on one considered one among them to download the video.

How to download Pinterest video

copy Pinterest video link
paste Pinterest video link in Pinterest video downloader
click to Download Pinterest video link

Copy the Pinterest video link. 

Download a little-by-little video from Pinterest.

Copy the video’s link to which you want to download the video from Pinterest. To start, replicate the hyperlink to the video, which you need to save.

Paste the link:

In the subsequent step, open your Chrome browser and look for the Pinterest downloader video. Click on the number one or second preference from which you want to download the video, and then paste the URL into the box of this Downloader. Paste the link

Download the video: 

When you paste the URL, you may see a download choice beneath it.

Click this button, and your films may be routinely stored inside the gallery. In this straightforward way, you can keep motion pictures and tales with Pinterest video saver.

Steps to download video from Pinterest

The pinterest video downloader online is quite simple; observe the stairs to download the video from Pinterest to the gallery.

  • To start, open your Pinterest app, then click on the video you need to download from Pinterest.
  •  When the software is open, click on the three dots inside the top left nook of the screen.
  •  These three icons have to be clicked. You can also see numerous options; you must click the reproduction link. If you want, you may near your app.
  •  Start a new bar, and type pin video downloader; you may see a lot of tools; click one of them.
  •  Open the Downloader and search for a paste link bar option.
  •  You must paste the link of the video you wish to download from Pinterest here.
  •  You can return to your gallery and see the video you want to download from Pinterest. This way, you can easily save or download videos from Pinterest. 

Download pinterest video on Android

You can download video from Pinterest to gallery by following the following steps.

Installing and Download the app

  • On your Android smartphone, click on the Google Play Store.
  •  Install the “Video Downloader for Pinterest” app after searching for it.

Step into the application

  • Activate the “mp4 video downloader” application.
  •  Sign in through your Pinterest settings.

Copy the Video URL

  • Open the Pinterest app and look for the video you want to save.
  •  Tap the “Share” button to the right of the video.
  •  Choose “Copy Link” from the menu.

Save Pinterest video

  • Back in the “Pinterest downloader” app.
  •  The copied URL will be recognized automatically. Select the “Download” option.

View the Video You’ve Downloaded

  • Open the gallery or media player app on your smartphone.
  •  Search for the folder “Pinterest download video.
  •  This folder should contain the video you downloaded.

How to download video from Pinterest on pc

You can download video for PC, Mac or iOS by using the following steps;

  • Pinterest is a beneficial software because it no longer wants you to apply a selected device. You can also open an account for your computer, laptop, or cellular phone. The equal process is accompanied if you want to store the video on your PC or computer.
  •  To do this, open Chrome on your laptop or computer and type
  •  Open your account by offering them together with your e-mail and password, after which you save. So, at this point, You should use your mouse to replicate the hyperlink of the video and save the video in your computer documents. 

Frequently asked questions

Can a video downloader be allowed to save video from Pinterest?

The content’s copyright and the Pinterest Terms of Service decide whether downloading Pinterest videos using our best pinterest video downloader is appropriate. Most of the time, downloading copyrighted content without permission is against the law and might lead to legal action. Before downloading, read the licensing for each piece of content you download and Pinterest’s Terms of Service.

Are there any dependable and safe solutions for downloading video on Pinterest?

 Use attention while using third-party video download options since many of them may be compromised with adware or violate limitations on copyright. Some websites or browser extensions may advertise the potential to save Pinterest videos, but your data and privacy might be compromised. We advise using authorized and trusted channels to save or share your movies on Pinterest.

Can I share Pinterest videos without downloading them?

You can share Pinterest videos without using them. Using Pinterest’s built-in sharing options, you may share videos with your followers and on other social media networks. Click the “Share” button and select the desired sharing method to share the video without downloading it.

Can I download a Pinterest video without a watermark?

You can save videos from Pinterest using a video downloader without a watermark. When a person unearths a splendid video or photo, they must share it with their buddies or circle of relatives. 


Pinterest video download tools are simple to use and freely available online. Pinterest video download iOS has dependable capabilities that can assist you in effortlessly downloading videos.

  • Our pins downloader device is free.
  •  You no longer need to pay for a video downloader on Pinterest to download videos. Additionally, there’s no requirement for registration before you can use it.
  •  It has no regulations and can be used on any device, which includes an Android phone, an iPhone, and a PC.
  •  You need not download any application to use Pinterest video download status. You can use the online Pinterest video downloader tool.
  •  The Pinterest video downloader mp4 has no limitations, allowing users to download unlimited videos or images.
  •  This application does not waste the time of its users; all you have to do is paste the URL, and within seconds, the video or photo is downloaded and saved in your gallery.  


Pinterest is a unique and life-changing social platform where one may discover ideas for businesses and everyday routines or pass the time while waiting for someone. When you like a video, a picture, or an idea and want to share it with your friends, you must save video from Pinterest with a Pinterest downloader. Using Pinterest video downloader 4k can help you save the video in your gallery. You must Use this device to store the video and proportion it with your friends, family, or others. To download telegram images in HD quality Pinterest image downloader.

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