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Tumblr is a video-sharing website where users may post attractive videos. We sometimes save these videos on our devices so we can watch them even when we aren’t connected to the internet. On the other hand, Tumblr does not make it easy to download video from Tumblr with Tumblr video downloader. In this post, we’ll teach you how to utilize special tools to save Tumblr video. This way, you can watch your favorite videos whenever you want, even if you don’t have an online connection. Let’s get started with this simple Tumblr video download technique.

How to download Tumblr video

copy link of tumblr video
paste Tumblr video link in Tumblr video downloader
click to Download Tumblr video link

Downloading Tumblr videos enables you to preserve engaging content and relive it without an internet connection. To embark on this journey, you must acquaint yourself with third-party tools and websites specialized in Tumblr video download online.

How to Download Tumblr Video on PC

To download Tumblr video on PC, laptop, Mac, or iOS by using Tumblr video downloader ios, please follow these steps 

Find the Video: 

Locate the Tumblr video you want to download. Right-click on the video and choose “Copy video address” or “Copy video URL.

Go to a Downloader Website:

Visit a reputable Tumblr video downloader Chrome website, such as Tumblr private or” Tumblr video downloader app.

Paste and Search: 

Paste the copied video URL into the search field of the downloader.

Begin Downloading: 

Click the “Download” button, and the website will offer you download links for several video quality levels.

Select Quality: 

To download, right-click on your desired video quality and select “Save link as…

How to download videos from Tumblr on Android

Follow these methods to download Tumblr video on Android

Locate and Play:

Open the Tumblr app and search for the video you want to download. To play the video in full-screen mode, tap on it. Tap and hold the screen while the video plays to bring up a menu. Select “Copy Video Address” or “Copy Video URL.

Use a Downloader: 

Visit a Tumblr video downloading website using your mobile web browser.

Paste and Retrieve Links:

Paste the copied URL into the search box of the downloader. Follow the on-screen instructions to generate download links for various video quality.

Start downloading by tapping and holding the link for the desired quality, then selecting “Download link” to save the video.

How to download Tumblr video to iPhone 

Download videos from Tumblr on iphone:

Install the app:

Install the Tumblr app.

Search For video:

Search for the one that you want the video to post.

Start playing video:

To begin the video, tap on it.

Shared the video:

Just click and hold the “Share” icon while it’s playing.

Choose ”Save Tumblr video”

Click whether you want to “Save Tumblr Video” or “Save to Folders.”

Video stored:

The video will be stored in your device’s Files or Photos app.

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  Frequently asked question

Is downloading Tumblr videos legal?

Downloading videos without approval may violate copyright laws. Check that you have permission to download and use the content. Always respect the rights of the authors and request consent if necessary.

Is it possible to download private Tumblr videos?

Most video downloaders only intend to operate with publicly available videos. Private movies are password-locked and cannot be downloaded using these methods. If a video is labeled as confidential, it signifies the author wishes to restrict access to a specific audience; therefore, downloading it without permission is prohibited.

Are there risks to making use of third-party video downloaders?

Yes, employing third-party tools might expose you to dangers such as malware, viruses, or breaking the platform’s terms of service. To reduce these hazards, choose reliable and trusted downloading websites.

Is it possible to download videos from other people’s Tumblr blogs?

It is critical to respect the rights of the content author. Without permission, downloading and using videos from other people’s blogs may violate copyright laws and result in legal troubles. Always ask permission before using anything that is chosen as free to download.


You’ll appreciate several unique advantages while using Tumblr downloader, including:

User-Friendly Interface:

These products usually have user-friendly interfaces, ensuring an enjoyable experience.

Batch Downloading: 

Some downloaders allow you to save many videos simultaneously, making the process more efficient.

Format Options:

Choose your desired video format, such as MP4, to ensure device compatibility.

Choose from various video quality based on your tastes and storage space.


Finally, while Tumblr does not have an included video download effectiveness, third-party programs rescue you, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content offline. When obtaining and sharing information, taking caution and adhering to copyright rules is critical. Following the steps indicated in this article will take you on a trip that will improve your Tumblr experience, allowing you to enjoy intriguing videos even when connectivity is limited. To download capcut videos in HD quality, visit our Capcut Video Downloader.

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