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Hey there, GIF lover! Have you ever stumbled upon a Pinterest GIF that’s so hilarious or heartwarming you wished you could keep it forever? Well, guess what? You totally can! Welcome to the world of Pinterest GIF Downloader, your partner-in-crime for download Pinterest gifs. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with laughter, emotions, and a dash of tech brilliance.

How to download gif from Pinterest

So, you’ve found a GIF on Pinterest that’s just too good to let slip away? No worries, we’ve got your back. Here’s your guide to saving those magical moving pictures:

copy link of Pinterest Gif
paste Pinterest video link in Pinterest video downloader
click to Download Pinterest video link

How to Download Pinterest GIFs on PC

Download Pinterest gif on laptop, Mac, or iOS. Here’s your step-by-step treasure map to GIF Wonderland:

GIF Hunt:

First, track down the GIF that has you grinning from ear to ear in the Pinterest jungle.

Right-Click Trick:

Give that GIF a right-click as if you’re handing out digital high-fives.

Choose ‘Save As’:

Click on “Save Pinterest gif as…” like you’re selecting a magical spell from a menu.

Name the Magic:

Name your GIF something memorable, like giving it a title fit for a fairy tale.

Pick a Home:

Choose where your GIF will live – a digital nook for your animated treasure.

Similarly, yours it is! When you click “Save,” the GIF will rise to wherever you choose.

How to Download Pinterest GIFs on Mobile

To download gif on iPhone and iOS, here’s your guide to nabbing GIFs on the go:

GIF Hunt:

Find the GIF that’s wowing you on your mobile screen, like following digital breadcrumbs.

Tap the Magic:

Please tap on the GIF to make it spring to life, almost like giving it a virtual nudge.

Hold and Conquer:

Keep your finger on the GIF until a menu pops up – it’s like opening a treasure chest.

Choose ‘Download’:

Select “Download gif ,” and it’s like whispering a secret incantation for GIF capture.

You’re GIF, Your Way:

Watch as the GIF gets saved to your device’s gallery, ready to surprise and delight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I really use these GIFs? Is it legal?

A: Absolutely! As long as you’re using them for fun and not for business, you’re golden.

Q: How do I save an animated GIF?

A: Ah, the GIF adventure begins! With the Pinterest gif saver, think of it as waving a digital wand – follow our guide, and you’ll have that animated magic saved in no time.

Q: How do you save moving pictures from Pinterest?

A: Our gif downloader for pinterest is like a GIF magnet. When a moving picture enchants you, use our guide to save it as if you’re capturing a firefly in a jar.

Q: How do I download GIFs from Pinterest 2023?

A: Don’t worry, time traveler! The year doesn’t matter – our Downloader is designed to work like a charm in any era. Follow the steps in our guide, and you’ll be collecting GIFs like a pro, no matter the year.

Q: How do you get GIFs on Pinterest?

A: It’s like making a wish and having it granted! With the Pinterest GIF Downloader Chrome, you can get GIFs from Pinterest with a few simple clicks. Just dive into our guide, and you’ll be on your way to a GIF-filled paradise.

Q: Can I share these GIFs with friends?

A: You bet! Sharing is caring. Spread the giggles and emotions far and wide.

Remember, the gif pinterest downloader is your magical bridge to GIF wonderland.

Features of GIF Downloader

Beyond the basics, the Pinterest GIF Downloader online is packed with extra goodies to make your GIF journey even more exciting:

One-Click Joy:

Grab GIFs in a single click – it’s like getting a virtual high-five from your device.

Organize Like a Pro:

Save GIFs right where you want them as if you’re arranging magical ingredients.

Easy GIF Downloads:

With only a few clicks, download GIFs from Pinterest. No technical knowledge is required.

High-quality GIFs:

For an attractive and colorful viewing experience, get your hands on high-quality GIFs.

Quick Downloads:

Save time by downloading GIFs quickly and effectively, allowing you to start watching your favorite animations immediately.


In a world where communication is all about images and feelings, the Pinterest GIF Downloader app is your VIP ticket to capturing those moving moments. Whether you’re a computer guru or a mobile magician, you’re now equipped to save and share the magic of Pinterest GIFs. Get ready to add a dose of GIF-tactic excitement to your digital conversations. To download Instagram videos in HD quality, visit our Instagram video downloader.

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